Encuentro's Immigrant Workforce and Small Business Development Initiative

Since our inception in 2010 Encuentro’s focus has been to provide the Latino immigrant community with top quality adult education programs in a welcoming and culturally accessible environment. We know that strengthening skills in the areas of English language and literacy, High School Equivalency, and Technology are essential to the successful integration and economic success of immigrants; however, without a longer term plan for connecting new knowledge and skills to viable income-generating opportunities immigrants can struggle to advance.

In response, in 2015 Encuentro launched its Workforce and Small Business Development initiative, which seeks to integrate workforce skills into all areas of Encuentro’s existing educational programming while also supporting the entrepreneurial contributions of our immigrant community through small business classes and collaborations with other local business resources.

Encuentro Engages the Voice of Latino Immigrants


As with all of Encuentro’s programming, the immigrant workforce and small business development initiative works to support and leverage additional resources through partnerships with local and national organizations.