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Due to COVID-19, our regular classes will be cancelled until January 2021

Encuentro Offers Classes in the Following Areas:
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Interested persons should contact the office for additional details: 505-247-2920.

"By participating at Encuentro I have grown as a person and I have lots of plans now. Encuentro has helped me to have a better relationship with my neighbors and to be better informed about what’s happening in the city."Iredy, an advanced GED student

English as Second Language

2 Semesters | August to May

ESL Beginners

This is a basic level course where participants are introduced to skills in English communication, including simple greetings and introductions, exchanging personal information and talking about work and family. This course also helps participants develop the skills they need to use English in routine and everyday activities such as banking, health, parenting and school involvement, recreation and social interactions.

  • Tuesday and Thursday 9-11:00 AM
  • Tuesday and Thursday 6-8:00 PM

 Instructor:  Pat Bonilla

ESL Intermediate

This course is a high beginner level that helps participants develop skills to use English in several daily life situations, including expressing opinions, requests and complaints in written and oral form; describe past experiences and communicate with their children’s teachers. Participants will also learn about American culture and holidays.

  • Tuesday and Thursday 9-11:00 AM
  • Tuesday  and Thursday 6-8:00 PM

 Instructor:  Larry Moore

ESL Advanced

This is a low intermediate level course that helps participants improve their English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills while introducing participants to basic knowledge of US history and civics.  The course integrates community engagement opportunities where students can use their growing language skills to communicate and participate in ways that are authentic and meaningful via traditional civic venues as well as new media tools.

  • Monday and Wednesday 9-11:00 AM
  • Monday and Wednesday 6-8:00 PM


This course prepares you for the Immigration and Naturalization Services Citizenship interview and exam, including its English language component during the interview. You will know the process of application. In class you will learn about the United States History, Government Branches, and Civics, which are part of the exam.

  • Saturdays 9am-12noon

Instructor:  Patricia Beres

HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY (formerly GED) with a focus on Math

2 Semesters | August - May

High School Equivalency

This class helps participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary in Mathematics to pass this subject in the High School Equivalency Diploma test (previously known as the General Educational Development Test, GED). The class includes support in the processes of registering and presenting the test and for requesting transcripts.

  • Monday and Wednesday 6-8 PM  

Instructor:  Joaquin Lopez

Computer Literacy

2 Semesters | August to May

COMPUTER - Beginner

In level 1, participants learn about the computer and its main components including the keyboard and the mouse. They learn to navigate Microsoft Word and to use the internet for personal and work purposes.

  • Tuesday and Thursday  9-11:00 AM
  • Monday and Wednesday 6-8:00 PM

 Instructor:  Vero Salazar 

COMPUTER - Intermediate

In level 2, participants widen their knowledge and practice of programs such as Excel and Powerpoint. They learn to use the internet to do job searches and applications, use social media to communicate with family abroad, access school’s websites to oversee children’s homework and use programs to create a family budget. The class includes knowledge and practice in a variety of activities that support work, school and family life.

  • Monday and Wednesday 9-11 AM

 Instructor:  Vero Salazar

Small Business and Financial Literacy

2 Semesters | August - May

Financial literacy

This class focuses on developing a better understanding of home and business finances. Participants develop skills and attitudes necessary to manage their personal, family and small business finances effectively and efficiently. This course qualifies students to become eligible to participate in a matched savings program to support post-secondary education or growing a small business.  Many students who register for the Financial Literacy course also register for the Introduction to Small Business course.

  • Wednesday 6-8 PM

Instructor:  Barbara Lopez

Introduction to Small Business

This course helps aspiring immigrant entrepreneurs to learn the basics of starting a business in the United States, including how to develop a business plan, registering a business, understanding taxes, insurances and other regulations, and learning about cash flow and financial products, such as loans, available to immigrants.

  • Monday 6-8 PM

Home Health Aide

1 Semester | Aug - December, January - May

Home Health Aide Certification

In collaboration with Central New Mexico Community College, Encuentro offers Home Health Aide certification training in the spring and fall each year. EnCasa Care Connections matches Home Health Aide graduates with people in the community who are seeking home health care. Our goal through this service is to promote dignity, justice and a healthy community for your loved ones and caregivers alike.

  • Wednesdays: 6 – 8 pm 
  • Saturdays: 8:30am to 3:45 pm

 Instructor:  Mayte Lopez